21 Dec 2018

For many businesses, the Brexit process appears a seething mass of confusion and conflict, laying bare the tribal rivalries in the UK's political system and society at large. Noise and soundbites abound – opinion and counter opinion feeding dangerous rumour mills, as corporates struggle to make sense of the constant and rapid pace of developments.
Help is, though, at hand. Law firms have an essential 'honest broker' role to play in this process – providing their clients with concise, focused, and pragmatic advice on the practical implications of each development. We can guide our clients through the tortuous Brexit roadmap, identify key areas of risk and deliver commentary, insights, products, tools and advice. This approach demands a true partnering relationship, a deep understanding of our client's sectors and industries, and the capacity to quickly assimilate and digest significant levels of detailed and complex information. Law firms have a vital role in 'joining the dots' – demystifying Brexit for our clients.
And in order to undertake this vital service, law firms have a secret weapon – the knowledge lawyer team. Knowledge lawyers are uniquely placed to address the challenges of Brexit, as senior subject matter experts with an aptitude for research, analysis, training, and communication. They are skilled in distilling complex, opaque and (often) conflicting developments into practical, pragmatic and targeted client work product and tools. They are at the forefront of legal tech and innovation and core to client service delivery. Law firms are able to mobilise this strength in depth and bring the full weight of the knowledge team to bear on the Brexit challenge.  
Our Practice Development Lawyers (PDLs) are at the forefront of our Brexit service. They provide expert research and analysis of key Brexit developments, providing timely and focused updates. Our PDLs deliver advice and training directly to our clients and drive our client Brexit Hub and interactive timeline tools. They serve on the firm's Brexit Steering Group advising our UK and Global Boards and ensure that our partners and fee-earning teams have the tools and knowledge necessary to provide clients with excellent Brexit support. They are essential to the development of our Brexit resilience tool kit and contract review tools, utilising the latest legal tech. Brexit has provided a chance to propel our PDLs further into the spotlight – they have risen to this challenge and deliver an excellent service.
Our PDLs cover all relevant practice areas including commercial, employment, corporate, real estate, planning, construction, insurance, energy and natural resources, banking and financial services, commercial disputes and regulatory, and pensions.

If you would like to learn more about how our PDL team can help your business with the challenges of Brexit, please contact our Head of Knowledge and Brexit Steering Group Chair,  Paul Harvey or Malcolm Dowden, Legal Director in our Commercial team.