08 Mar 2017

David Rewcastle, Head of Transport and Infrastructure, comments on today's Spring Budget in relation to the sector.

"The Chancellor has not been influenced by Donald Trump’s commitment to a $1 trillion infrastructure spend, with the UK’s transport and infrastructure strategy broadly unchanged by the Spring Budget. However, there is an emphasis on new investment in roads, with £220m for pinch-points on the national road network (of which £90m is for the North and £23m for the Midlands), £690 million for local authorities across England to tackle urban congestion and £270m for robotics, driverless cars and biotech. We hope that the Government will minimise red tape on accessing these funds. We can also look forward to the publication of the Midlands Engine Strategy tomorrow because this is an important milestone for the region, albeit that the policy is not as eye-catching as some of President Trump’s infrastructure proposals."