We are entering a new era of fast-paced social, political and technological change; the challenges posed by such fast evolution can present a real opportunity, but only if there is sufficient certainty and clarity across the planning system to respond to it.

However, there is growing evidence, as highlighted in the Government's Response to Housing Delivery consultation on 29 October 2018, that local communities are not clear what infrastructure is provided alongside new developments and how it will be funded.

Ten years on from the introduction of the Planning Act 2008, which brought in a system to quicken the pace of infrastructure delivery, we're asking how the system has performed and how can it evolve to better meet the fast-changing needs of the UK? To answer these questions, we are undertaking some research with colleagues from planners and designers, Barton Willmore and communications specialists Copper. As a first step, we have prepared an online 5 minute survey.

We'd be very pleased if you could complete the survey by clicking on the relevant link below:

For further information on how your data will be handled and responses used, please click here. By completing this survey, you are providing your consent for our project team to utilise your responses in this research. No attributed responses will be reported directly, without prior permission being sought.

Once we have the results from the online survey, we'll be commissioning an independent researcher to conduct in depth interviews with representatives from across the industry. We then intend to produce a report in the New Year.

Further details of the study can be found here.