08 Mar 2017

Alice Hewitt provides an insight to what it is like to be an Apprentice paralegal at Bond Dickinson.

Alice Thomas

I am an Apprentice Paralegal in my first year working in the Recovery+ team, this means I help my team to recover different debts and defend clients. Due to working in such a dynamic, fast working team this is helping me to grow as a person, my knowledge increases everyday as well as my skills and also my approach to tasks.

Whilst I am working within this team I am also involved in the distant learning with CILEx, this is lead through webinars, learning guides, podcasts and e-books. Aspects such as; introduction to law, contract law, civil litigation and client care are all studied and then tested through exams. We also study two topics as assignments which are client care and research skills.

The Apprenticeship itself is therefore not only helping my knowledge grow around the subject of law but also in important life skills which I will continue to use throughout the future.

The Apprenticeship with Bond Dickinson has given me the chance to pursue the career I've always wanted in law without going to university which is something I have always dreaded. Although this is not the straight academic route of getting a degree in law this has meant I can learn all about law however do this in a working environment around lovely, knowledgeable people who want me to succeed as much as I do myself. This apprenticeship has also allowed me to see the inside of a professional work place from the age of 18 and be a strong part of it which is something I wouldn’t have experienced for a long time if I had gone to university. I feel extra privileged for my apprenticeship to be with Bond Dickinson due to this being a firm where I am hugely both accepted and respected whether this is for myself as a person or my learning style and pace whilst I am this apprentice.

Within my first few months, I went and visited my secondary school to promote apprenticeships like mine and what it's like working for Bond Dickinson. This gave me the opportunity to explain how happy I am in my role and how happy I am with my choice of going for this apprenticeship. I was also able to do this at the recent Skills South West event, where I was able to talk to students from our Bond Dickinson stand about what the apprenticeship involves and what amazing opportunities that exist when working for Bond Dickinson. I understand there is a lot more opportunities for me to carry on promoting and making people aware of the apprenticeships available to them. As someone who is very passionate about apprenticeships themselves I would always encourage others to view apprenticeships in this way and I strongly feel I can do this with having such a positive experience myself with my apprenticeship with Bond Dickinson.