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Clarification on the use of planning conditions

09 Nov 2020
This case serves as a useful reminder that the power to impose conditions on the grant of planning permission is narrower than the power to enter into planning agreements or to accept planning obligations. It will be of interest to developers and authorities alike dealing with development and creation of new highway/s.

Adaption and evolution of rural estates

09 Nov 2020
On Tuesday 3 November, Alexander Dickinson and Charlotte Patterson-Ryan, joined Andy Green and Venetia Hoare from C. Hoare & Co, as well as hosts Johnny Dudgeon, Emily Norton and Lucian Cook from Savills for a panel discussion on the future of Rural Estates.

Claim trends against solicitors in the pandemic

05 Nov 2020
As we begin a second national lockdown, the challenges facing law firms have not abated. The pandemic has been a real test of law firm's IT systems, business resilience and business continuity plans. Vulnerabilities in these areas will be the primary source of COVID-19 related professional indemnity claims against solicitors but rapid changes in some practice areas bring further risks and challenges. We examine the risks and assess how the pandemic has impacted claim trends against solicitors.

Casting light on novation and assignment

04 Nov 2020
Anyone working in the construction sector is likely to have encountered the terms "assignment" and "novation". An assignment is a transfer of an interest from one party to another. So, for example, if A enters into a contract with B, A may generally assign the benefit (but not the burden) of that contract to C.

PPF Levy Consultation 2021/22 – method in the madness?

03 Nov 2020
In a world that looks very different than it did this time last year and with future economic uncertainty being all too real many people may be concerned about what the practical implications of COVID-19 will mean for the next Pension Protection Fund (PPF) levy year. The PPF's recently published levy consultation suggests that, for the 2021/22 levy year at least, any such fears may be somewhat unfounded.

The Pension Schemes Bill 2019-21: the latest position

02 Nov 2020
After progressing through parliament for most of 2020, the Pension Schemes Bill is reaching the final stages of review before becoming law. The committee stage is due to end on 5 November, following which the Bill is expected to come into force by the end of the year. We have summarised the key changes which will be introduced by the Bill.

Land with 'development value' - is there any hope?

30 Oct 2020
Gifts of land with hope value are often considered when looking to reduce a potential liability to inheritance tax on death. If the donor gives the land away when planning permission could be many years in the future he or she will have made a gift of relatively low value, leaving his or her chosen beneficiaries to benefit from the development upside in years to come. Such a gift will either be a potentially exempt transfer if the gift is outright to one or more individuals or a chargeable lifetime transfer if made to trustees. Either way the donor of the gift has to survive seven years for the value to be completely outside their estate for inheritance tax purposes

French succession planning

28 Oct 2020
Anybody who lives in England and owns property or other assets in France will know that there are many differences between the French and English legal systems, particularly when it comes to succession law and taxation. For many families French forced heirship rules can make it difficult to provide what they believe is a fair division of their assets on death. However, for English nationals, with careful planning it is possible to overcome the legal and language barriers and ensure that their French assets will pass on death in accordance with their wishes.

Court of Appeal to examine SIPP provider case

22 Oct 2020
In May, we wrote about the High Court judgment in Adams v Options SIPP UK LLP which offered SIPP providers some comfort that, in circumstances where a loss is suffered by a member and the SIPP provider is acting on an execution only basis, they will not usually be liable for any loss suffered by the investor on investments made through the SIPP, including investments introduced to the member by unregulated providers.