29 Dec 2017

New thresholds will apply from 1 January 2018 for public procurement, showing an increase from the 2016 thresholds, which reflects fluctuations in exchange rates over the last two years. Please click here to access the table showing the new thresholds that apply from 1 January 2018, alongside a reminder of the previous thresholds, for ease of comparison.

We expect these threshold levels to remain in place for two years (as these threshold changes usually apply), despite uncertainty brought by Brexit. 

While the EU Procurement Directives will cease to apply to UK contracting authorities from March 2019, the UK legislation (above) that implements the EU rules will continue to apply unless and until repealed. It is unlikely there will be any changes until the wider trade issues and other priorities are resolved, and we expect public procurement is likely to remain "business as usual" for UK contracting authorities for the immediate future. 

If you have any queries about how procurement law affects you and your project then please contact Kathrine Eddon (Head of Public Procurement) on: kathrine.eddon@wbd-uk.com