09 Apr 2019

Yvette Cooper's bill to delay Brexit in order to avoid a no-deal outcome on Friday 12 April 2019 was fast-tracked by Parliament and received royal assent on Monday 8 April 2019.

The House of Lords sent the European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 5) Bill back to the House of Commons with five amendments yesterday evening. An important change refers to the day or the day after on which the Bill receives Royal Assent. That moment would have required the Prime Minister to table a motion seeking approval from the elected House for a proposal that the UK asks the European Council for an Article 50 extension. It has been agreed that the motion no longer needs to be made by the Prime Minister, but Ministers of the Crown other than the Prime Minister have been allowed to table the motion. The rationale behind the amendment was to not disrupt the negotiation process the Prime Minister is currently engaged with with heads of other EU governments. 

Later today the House of Commons will debate a motion which seeks Parliamentary approval on Theresa May's proposal to extend the Article 50 period to 30 June 2019. In the meantime, the PM is holding meetings with leaders of Germany and France to seek their support in relation to her request to delay Brexit once again until 30 June 2019. Tomorrow, all EU member states will vote on an extension at the Special European Council Meeting in Brussels.